Why use us?

The problem

Why use us? Well… travelling with your luggage is not fun.

Often you are left waiting to get into your accomodation or for your flight to leave. 

So to make the most of your time, what are you to do with your bags?

You can head for Southern Cross Station. Lockers are there; however the lockers at Southern Cross Station provide no insurance, can be broken and you have to ask yourself, how big are the lockers at Southern Cross Train Station.

You can head to Flinders Street Station. At Flinders Street Station, lockers are located at TravellersAid, which is located on the concourse between platforms 9 & 10, but you need a validated ticket to get there and their opening hours are limited.

There are other locations scattered throughout the city.

When it comes to lockers, Melbourne has a limited range.

So yes there are luggage lockers, Southern Cross Station has the most, but you have to make it there first.

Catch a tram in the Free Tram Zone, they say.

Have a look. Packed trams are not fun, especially with your bags.

The solution

We provide a solution like no other in Melbourne, by collecting your luggage from where you are, securely storing it and then delivering it personally back to you when & where you need it.

Airports, Southern Cross, Station Pier, anywhere in the city and inner city suburbs.

We are fully insured and open 24/7

That’s why we are the Baggage Storage and Transfer experts.

So, why use us?

This really isn’t a difficult question, because

We’re Gonna Get Your Bag To You!


Enjoy the day

Now that you can be hands free, enjoy the day a little more.

With the time to spare before you check-in to the hotel or AirBnb or after you check-out, why not venture onto the State Library of Victoria or the Queen Victoria Market, or relax in one of the laneways and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee and brunch.

If you are in the suburbs, check out our suburbs pages for some ideas of what you can do.

Or if you are using our service, in between different hotels, make the most of the time and take a day trip.

The Great Ocean Road, Soverign Hill – Ballarat, Geelong Adventure Park, or the wineries in the Yarra Valley or on the Monington Peninsula.

Find your happy space, because you’ll love every bit of Victoria.

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne are the experts in Hands Free Travel and help you squeeze the extra time into your holiday. If you need to run for a tram, even if it’s packed, travelling is easier with just a backpack.

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