Why use us?

For starters you will get more out of your day by being Hands Free

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Store your bags pre check in or post Check Out

Why use us? Ask yourself “Where can you store your bags before you check-in to your Airbnb or short term rental?”

The hotels have the lobby. Short term properties have the footpath, therefore they create a problem.

We hear this a lot.

So why use us?

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne.  The only service that looks after your luggage before check in and/or after check out. Plus, we come to you, which means you can be on your way from the hotel or airport.

A reliable, safe, and secure service meaning you can rest assured. So get out there and make the most of the day – hands free.

We pick up and drop off your bags wherever and whenever you need them. Be it Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Station Pier, Southern Cross Station. Anywhere in Melbourne CBD and the suburbs, BagBoyz® come to you.

We can also provide long term luggage storage. If you are visiting Australia and want to leave Melbourne for while. Go and enjoy what the rest of the country has to offer, but do it light. After using our baggage storage, you can travel light and just take a backpack.

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne can look after the big bags plus we are fully insured. This means that not only will your trip be better, but you can travel with peace of mind.

The Problem

Bluntly. Dragging your bags around is a pain in the arse. Your hands aren’t free, which means you are restricted in what you can do.

Quite often your flight and your accomodation do not line up in regards to timing. Often you are left waiting to get into your accomodation or for your flight to leave. Why not make the most of this free time?

Early flight but late check-in or early check-out and late flight. This leaves a lot of free time, which is usually hindered by the fact that you have your luggage with you.

Don’t spend your time looking for somewhere to store on Gumtree. Melbourne we are the solution to the hassle of luggage when travelling.

Where to store luggage in Melbourne?

Options available to you.

You can head to Southern Cross Station. Lockers are there; however the lockers at Southern Cross Station provide no insurance, can be out of order and you have to ask yourself, how big are the lockers at Southern Cross Train Station. We can pick up your bags from Southern Cross Station.

You can also head to Flinders Street Station. At Flinders Street Station, lockers are located at TravellersAid, which is located on the concourse between platforms 9 & 10.

But here’s the catch.

You need to tap on your Myki to enter the concourse, so you are paying for a train ticket and for the locker. They also have limited opening hours, meaning you need to make sure you get back to Flinders St Station before they close and then head onto where you were going. We can pick up your luggage from Flinders Street Station.

There are other “share economy”platforms that you ask “Will you mind my bag?” These send you to a random location that you don’t find out about until after you have booked.  Hopefully that location is open when you need your bags. On the other hand, we are open 24 hours a day.

When it comes to lockers, Melbourne has a limited range. So yes there are luggage lockers, Southern Cross Station has the most, but you have to make it there first, meaning that you have to battle a packed tram in the Free Tram Zone….. with your bags!

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne CBD is the easiest option. For example, we pick up from you, therefore you can hit the ground running, by being Hands Free.

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Don't battle the trams. Store your bags and Go Hands Free

passengers struggling to get on packed tram

The Solution to Where to store luggage in Melbourne

So why use us? BagBoyz® Luggage Storage in Melbourne is the only service that comes to you. This means you don’t need to drag your bags to find somewhere to store luggage in Melbourne.

We are always open, meaning you can be free of your bags at a time that suits you.

BagBoyz® are fully insured. This gives you peace of mind, that in the unlikely event that something happens to your bags, you are fully covered.

Enjoy the benefits of an Airbnb or short term accomodation and make the most of the time before or after the time you occupy the property. Stop looking for where to leave luggage in Melbourne CBD.

Go out for a coffee, take a selfie or three, explore Melbourne’s rooftop bars, pop into an art gallery. You name it. It all becomes easier when we are looking after your bags, because when we have your bags, you are hands free. After that you can do as you wish.

BagBoyz® provide a solution like no other in Melbourne, by collecting your luggage from where you are, securely storing it and then delivering it personally back to you when & where you need it. Therefore, if you use our service, you have found the easiest solution to the “drag the bag” problem.

MElbourne cbd & Suburbs | Airports | Southern Cross

We are the luggage storage experts.

Firstly, we are reliable, fully insured, local and direct. That is to say, we are safe, easy and the easiest solution to luggage when travelling.

Stop looking on Google. Play the day away by being hands free.

Secondly, you will love it and if you have kids with you they will love it more. Therefore, you will enjoy the day more.

Thirdly, forget the packed trams and footpaths, trying to manoeuvre your way through. Melbourne was made to be enjoyed. Enjoy her.

So if you are looking for luggage storage. In Airbnb there generally isn’t any, but now you have the solution.

Now that you can be hands free, enjoy the day a little more.

With the time to spare before you check-in to the hotel or AirBnb or after you check-out, why not venture onto the State Library of Victoria or the Queen Victoria Market, or relax in one of the laneways and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee and brunch.

If you are in the suburbs, check out our suburbs pages for some ideas of what you can do.

Or if you are using our service, in between different hotels, make the most of the time and take a day trip.

The Great Ocean Road, Sovereign Hill – Ballarat, Geelong Adventure Park, or the wineries in the Yarra Valley or on the Monington Peninsula.

Find your happy space, because you’ll love every bit of Victoria.

​BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne are the experts in Hands Free Travel. We help you squeeze the extra time into your holiday. If you need to run for a tram, even if it’s packed, travelling is easier with just a backpack.

So why use us?

That’s not really a difficult question, because we’re gonna get your bag to you!

Road Trips

Travel light - get a convertible

Waiting for Check In

Don't waste the day on the footpath

Interstate Trips

Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

Changing Hotels

Don't just wait around

Luggage Storage Near Me?

You can do so much more by being hands free

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Tell us how many bags you have, at what time you need your luggage picked up and where from (this can be anywhere in Melbourne), then tell us where you need it dropped off to and at what time. Resulting in the easiest solution.


Now that you are hands free, get out and make the most of the day. Best of all, when you are ready to head to your next destination, you don't need to return back to where you stored your bags, because we meet you wherever you are.

Where can I store my luggage in Melbourne?

Luggage storage with us is anywhere & at any time, because we come to you.

Searching for Luggage Storage in Melbourne is no more. We offer a fully insured luggage storage service that comes to you. Stores your bags for as little or as long as you need. Then returns them back to you, wherever you are and whenever you need, which means you have found the easiest solution to the bag drag while travelling.

A more practical solution to storage lockers at Southern Cross Station. With more certainty compared to a luggage storage app that will send you to some random location, where you are dictated by variable operating hours.

Best of all, you don’t need to drag your bag to that location or return back there before you head to your next destination, therefore you are truly Hands Free.

Luggage Storage in Melbourne with BagBoyz®

The easiest, safest and most convenient luggage storage in Melbourne, that is never full. Never breaks down and as is always open. In other words, we are extremely reliable.

We operate in the CBD and Melbourne suburbs. Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Geelong, Phillip Island & Mornington Peninsula.

Check out our reviews, we are 5 star.

Where can I store my bags in Melbourne?

Our locations are infinite, because we come to you and then drop off your luggage back to you, whenever you need it.

Ideal for Airport to city before check in. Perfect for city to Airport after check out.

Do more with your day and know you can catch a taxi or ride share from wherever you are out having fun. With no need to go back and retrieve your bags beforehand, which means you have increased your transport options.

We could provide a list of locations, but there is no need because we go everywhere, meaning BagBoyz® are the easiest solution to your luggage storage needs.

Opening hours?

All of our locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on public holidays. This means you can relax on your timetable, not someone else’s restricted time.

The only other luggage storage that can state that are the Southern Cross Station Luggage Lockers – but you can not book them, they are not insured and can often be out of order.

Melbourne's best Baggage Storage

Our service is simple

  • No need to search for a location, because we come to you
  • You don’t need to check the open times, because we are open 24 hours a day
  • There is no need to return to that location to collect your bags, because we transfer your luggage back to you, wherever you are.
  • BagBoyz® are fully insured and not some token amount. Our policy is up to $250,000

What to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne is quite often ranked the Word’s Most Liveable city and in-fact it has always made the top three in the EIU Global Liveability Index.


The atmosphere of Melbourne’s City Centre & inner suburbs thrives on its creative & diverse community. It consists of concentrated fashion, dining & coffee precincts.

The city’s interlocking laneways and shopping strips offer bespoke boutiques, hidden cafes and leading restaurants. Larger modern department stores, such as Myer & David Jones are familiar to those used to Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Harrods or Daimaru.

Melbourne’s city pulsates with a dynamic and cutting-edge arts and culture scene, no matter what time of year.

Laneways & Arts

Stroll the laneways and embrace the evolving Street Art scene, like in Hosier Lane. Being Hands Free means you can take photos easier.

Cross the Yarra River to Southbank and you will find the Arts Centre, Melbourne Theatre Company, Malthouse theatre, Recital Centre and National Gallery of Victoria.

Wander along the riverside and discover the restaurants & bars. Continue further west and you will find Crown Casino and its supposed World of Entertainment plus the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.


If you re looking for festivals, there are plenty.

Including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Moomba, White Night Festival & the St Kilda Festival that are draw-cards to international & local talent.


The “Sporting Capital of the World”.

Melbourne an Olympic & Commonwealth Games city hosts spectacular sporting events throughout the year.

  • Grand Slam Tennis at The Australian Open
  • The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park
  • Moto GP at Phillip Island
  • The President’s Cup At Royal Melbourne Golf Course
  • AFL. The best sport in the world that culminates with the Grand Final in September at the MCG
  • World Cup Cricket
  • The race that “Stops the Nation”, the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Restaurants, cafes and bars are plentiful, but if you have your bags, you are restricted.

Stagger in to Young & Jackson’s opposite Flinders Street Station (the home of Chloe) for a relaxing beer or discover one of the hidden roof top bars where you can experience a novel cocktail or a craft beer.

Melbourne’s dining scene will satisfy the most discerning palate and accommodates all budgets.

Parks & Gardens

There are numerous parks and open public spaces in the middle of the city that are ideal to relax in. Doing it Hands Free, means you can truly relax.

Enjoy the peace and solitude along  the tree-lined pathways through the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens; the diversity of Birrarung Marr; the natural fauna of Royal Park; and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

Inner suburbs

If the city is not for you, jump on a tram through the inner suburbs and explore their uniqueness or just find your special place and sit back and have a coffee.

These are just some of the things you can do in Melbourne; however if you are either side of hotel check in or check out, it is all a lot easier, when you are Hands Free.

Do yourself a favour, don’t waste a minute and use luggage storage – especially one that comes to you.

Find the latest information on what you can do check out What’s On or Visit Victoria

Melbourne Weather

Melbourne’s weather likes to keep you on your toes.

Famous for four seasons in one day, it can get extremely hot and turn quite quickly. Although you can feel the cold, it doesn’t snow, but that variance in temperature can make it difficult to climatise. Our advice – take a jacket.

For the current weather and forecast check out the BOM

How to get around Melbourne

Melbourne is quite flat, so it is pretty easy to walk or ride a bike. If that is not your thing and you are more suited to Public Transport, then the inner suburbs are well serviced. 

Home to world’s largest tram network, you can see many of the inner suburbs by jumping on a tram. You can venture around the city on a historical Tourist Tram – Route 35. It travels clockwise and anti clockwise around the CBD and into Docklands.

If you want to go further and maybe get there a little quicker, there are trains to all points of the compass (unless you want to go to Doncaster) or you can catch a bus.

For maps and timetables check out the PTV website and if you want to use the network, outside the free tram zone, make sure you get your hands on a Myki.

Whatever you plan to do, just make sure you do it Hands Free.

So if you are waiting for your accomodation after an early flight, or you are at the end of your trip, have checked out of the hotel and are waiting for the departure flight, you can do a lot more, when BagBoyz® look after your bags, because we make you Hands Free.