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We pick up, securely store your luggage and drop it back to you when and where you need it

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We Get Your Bags to Airports,

Station Pier, Southern Cross Station

and Other Hotels.

Early Check Out but Late Flight?

We Look After Your Bags.

Free Hotel Pick Up

and We Drop Them Back To You.

Enjoy Day Trips Without The Lag.

Just Take Your Camera & Wallet

Travel Interstate Light and

Forget Expensive Check In Fees.

We Hold Bags Short or Long Term

and Return Them Back To You.

We Pick Up From Hotels or Offices

and Drop Them Back to You at:

Melbourne Airports

MEL – Melbourne Airport…AVV – Avalon Airport…MEB – Essendon Fields Airport

Cruise Terminals

Station Pier – Spirit of Tasmania…Geelong Port

Train Stations

Southern Cross – SkyBus, V/Line, Metro….Flinders Street Station – Metro

Inner City Hotels & Offices

Phillip Island Motorsport

V8 Supercars….Moto GP….Victorian SCRC

Enjoy Hands Free Travel

Easy to Book

Looking for Luggage Storage in Melbourne?


Fully insured and open 24 hours a day

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage. Melbourne we are the luggage storage experts. We are the only baggage storage company that picks up your bags, stores them securely and then returns them back to you, when and where you need them.

No longer do you need to drag your bags around looking for somewhere to store them. We come to you and return them back to you at any time of day.

Do you like to travel and are staying in a hotel or airbnb?

Most have the condition of an early check out and that leaves you standing on the road with your hands full of luggage, contemplating what to do before you head to the airport to go home. A lot of our clients have their flight later in the day or even late at night.

If you are looking for somewhere to store your luggage; maybe somewhere to store your bags in the Melbourne CBD or the surrounding suburbs, then look no further. You have come to the right place.

How are we different?

Pick Up & Delivery – 24/7, that’s how BagBoyz® Luggage Storage in Melbourne are Different.

BagBoyz® v Baggage Storage by Smarte Carte


  • We pick up from where you are so you don’t need to drag it around
  • Open 24 hours a day, so you don’t need to rush between open times
  • Your luggage is returned back to you personally and not just to the airport
Smarte Carte
  • You have to lug your luggage to them
  • They are not open 24 hours a day (unless you go to Crown Casino where the size of the lockers holds a brief case), so you need to be on their schedule
  • You need to drop the baggage off by a certain time and then you can’t collect it until after a certain time. This is on their schedule
  • They only can get your bags to Melbourne Airport. No good if you are going to Avalon, Station Pier, another hotel or are waiting for the afternoon to come to get inside your AirBnb
BagBoyz® v Southern Cross Station lockers


  • We pick up from where you are so you don’t need to drag it around. Ever tried to get your luggage on a peak morning tram?
  • Open 24 hours a day and can’t be an out of order locker. We store in our remote secure storage facility. No lockers
  • Returned back to you personally
Southern Cross Station Lockers
  1. It can’t pick your luggage up
  2. They are open 24 hours a day but lockers can be out of order and have size restrictions
  3. You have to return back to Southern Cross to collect your bags. It can’t deliver them to you


BagBoyz® v TravellersAid
  • We pick up from where you are so you don’t need to drag it around
  • You don’t need to validate your MyKi to be able to access us
  • We never close
  • Our drop offs are back to you personally. Wherever you are
  • They don’t pick up your luggage so you have to go to Flinders Street train Station
  • You have t have a validated MyKi to enter the concourse at Flinders Street Station to go to their site (located between platform 9 & 10 if you do want to use them)
  • Restricted trading hours – 8:am – 7:45pm
  • They don’t return your bags back to you where you are. You have to go back to Flinders Street Station and tap your Myki again. Annoying if you have gone to Studley Park on your hands free day
BagBoyz® v Stasher, BAGBNB, Nannybag, LuggageHero, mindmybag
  • Bags  are collected from where you are
  • We are open 24/7
  • Your bags personally returned to you, when and where you need them
Stasher, BAGBNB, Nannybag, LuggageHero, mindmybag
  • They do not collect your bags.
  • The hours of operation vary depending on where they send you.
  • Locations are unknown until you have booked.
  • You have to carry your bags to this random location
  • Then, you have to return back to this location before they close and then make your way to where you were going.. With your bags!

Don’t drag your bags down the road. Who wants that?

Don’t just take our word for it

    review rating 5  It just worked. I had to go interstate for a few days for work, but didn’t need to be at the airport until later that day. The Boyz collected the bags and I met them at the airport. Highly recommend.

    thumb Bianca McBride

    review rating 5  Service is awesome, I had an unexpected delay and the guys worked around me effortlessly.

    thumb Al Stone

    review rating 5  Friendly service, reliable and good for money

    thumb Lucas Gibbon

    review rating 5  I organised our baggage collection last minute, calling at 10.45pm the night before and was pleasantly greeted by Chris who guided me through the website booking process. Chris came early the next morning and picked up all our luggage and delivered to the airport at the time we requested. I highly recommend BagBoyz for a great service and with a friendly smile too.

    thumb Tracy Lansdell

Luggage Pick Up, Storage & Drop Off service




train stations

We also get bags to & from

AirBnbs, Short Stay Accomodation Providers, Offices, Tourist Attractions, Melbourne CBD & Inner Suburbs

Ideal for City bound School Camps or Sporting Competitions, Vacating Tenants & more

About Us

So who are we? What’s the story?

We are Melbourne born and bred; however we love to travel too.

Not that we don’t love our home, but we love theme parks and rollercoasters. The Scenic Railway at Luna Park has its thrills, it’s just not the same as what you get in the Northern Hemisphere. 

​Did you know even the rollercoasters have storage lockers?

That’s because the ride always wins. Especially when it comes to your phone. Oh Six Flags and Cedar Fair, how we miss you.

What we don’t like about travelling abroad is the excessive Checked baggage fees when travelling between states or countries.

US airlines collected $4.9B in check in luggage fees in 2016 and this is continuing to grow.

The Australian airlines are looking to profit out of this too and in 2018 announced that they would clamp down on the weight of Carry-On luggage.

We also don’t like our days being held back as the amount of baggage piles up on a trip – especially on the last day.

We like having our hands free, so we can hold the coffee while posting a selfie.

What we found was when it came to luggage storage in Melbourne there were only a few options.

Basically to store luggage, Melbourne didn’t seem very international.

There are some luggage lockers at Southern Cross Station and at Flinders Street Station, lockers are in the validated ticket area. A few more options these days, through phone apps, which is great if you are staying near the lockers, otherwise you have to drag your bags down to the locker and when you need it again, you have to lug it back to your next destination.

The phone apps don’t answer the question “luggage locker near me” until after you have booked.

There has to be a better way.

So we created BagBoyz® Luggage Storage. Melbourne you needed it and we are your experts. Luggage transport or baggage transfer at its best.

We are the only company that comes and collects your bags and returns them to you personally, when and where  you need them.

So if you are checking out of the hotel early; looking to go on a day trip or travelling interstate, we can collect your bags, store them and deliver them to you, when you need them.

BagBoyz® – We PICK UP, STORE & DROP OFF your bags, so you can enjoy Hands Free Travel.

Your bags are secure with BagBoyz® | Melbourne’s Luggage Storage Experts. We are fully insured and we secure them in our remote, secure Baggage Storage facility, guarded by Baggage the Elephant.

She has a big trunk and she nose Storage.

A better option to a traditional storage locker and although many hotels will offer to hold your bags after you have checked out, we bring them to you, so you don’t have to return to the hotel and deal with dragging your bags around, or finding a taxi that is large enough to accomodate your bags. 

If you are like us – the family starts with one or two bags, but once the shopping has been done, ends up with three or four.

Make sure when you are in Melbourne to check out the  Queen Victoria Market. No where else in the world, can you find Aboriginal Art, made in China and sold by Indians – it’s globalisation at its best.

And remember, if you do buy the odd Australiana item, if you have obtained additional bags, we can get them to you too.

How we help travellers

It doesn’t matter which hotel in Melbourne you are at, you don’t even need to be right in the centre of the city, because we come to you and we bag drop to the airports, Station Pier or wherever else you are.  At a time that suits you.

Think of it as a concierge for your bags.

We are perfect for the last day of your trip.

Being bag free you can grab a convertible and head for the coast – The Great Ocean Road has your name on it.

Enjoy the day and rest assured that wherever and whenever you are going to next, we’ll drop your luggage back to you.

Rain, hail or shine and regardless of the time of year, we’ll pick up your luggage, store it securely and then drop it back to you.

Early arrival but Check In later that day?

If it’s an AirBnb your on the footpath.

Staying at a  hotel? They may let you leave them there, which is nice, but you still have to get there with your bags first.

We can collect them from Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Essendon Fields Airport, Station Pier, Southern Cross, another hotel, wherever you are in the CBD or inner suburbs.

Relax and catch the SkyBus into town.

Do some shopping, have a coffee and a smashed avo and when you arrive at your accommodation, we’ll return your bags (except the ones you have from the shopping, because we won’t have those).

Early Check Out but have a flight later in the day?

We are the perfect for that too.

Don’t leave your bags at the hotel or try and find somewhere to put them.

You will only have to return back there to collect them.

We’ll pick them up. You can even leave them in the hotel lobby and we’ll collect them from there.

We will then meet you at the end of the day and give your bags back to you, when you need them.

Airports, Station Pier, Southern Cross, a  different hotel, city locations and inner suburbs.

Travelling is fun. Bags are not.

Travelling with kids? We have.

You usually end up carrying their bags too.

They’re eating ice cream and trying to pick chewing gum off a seat and you’re pushing four suitcases, trying to get your coins from your pocket to buy something and at the same time take a photo and drink a coffee.

There has to be a Better Way.

Hands Free Travel is the Only Way

Luggage Storage. Melbourne the answer is clear.

Don’t drag them around town, on trams, up ramps, down stairs, try and shove them into a Toyota Prius or try and find a working locker at Southern Cross Station.

Why wait for Baggage Storage to open?

Don’t waste a Myki validation on entering the concourse at Flinders Street Station to get to TravellersAid and don’t wait for a random, time restricted location from the online apps.

You’ll only have to return to these places and collect your luggage.

So Whatcha Gonna Do?

cos We’re Gonna Get Your Bag To You!

We are fully insured and open 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday, including public holidays.

You don’t even need to Google “luggage storage near me”, because we come to you.

Reliable. Secure. Direct.

And if you forget who we are, there is a song that may trigger your memory; however it has nothing to do with our business and the words are not the same and do not relate to us in any way.

Just think of the show Cops or a movie trilogy staring Will Smith.

how else do we help?

Road Trips – Returning back to Melbourne

Looking to go on a road or day trip?

Phillip Island, wineries, Regional Vicotria?

You’ll love every little piece of Victoria. Find your happy space.

Don’t cram the car full of suitcases.

We can look after your bags and therefore you can hire a smaller car or a convertible (hire me) and enjoy the day/s in style.

Just take your camera, wallet and backpack.

Interstate Trips – Returning back to Melbourne

Looking to go interstate?

Sydney for the NYE fireworks or maybe the fifth test?

Forget the expensive airline checked luggage fees.

We can look after your bags for as little or as long as you need and then return them back to you. Just take what you need for the short trip.

Camera, wallet and backpack.

Changing hotels during your Melbourne stay?

When we have travelled, quite often is the case that we stay in different hotels in the same city during our stay.

This is done because one hotel may be closer to an attraction or we just want to experience the whole city.

So if you are staying in St Kilda for a few days , then trying out the City or South Yarra or wherever tickles your fancy, make the most of that day between chek out and check in.

We can collect your luggage from place A and take it to place B. You can enjoy public transport for the day, ride a bike or take a trip to Mornington Peninsula.

Luggage picked up at the time you choose, then secured for the day and finally returned back to you when and where you need it.



Typical visits to Melbourne are for Two Weeks

If we look after your baggage, luggage. bags or whatever you wish to call them, on the first and last day of your trip, you will have 16.6% more free time to do more.

Usally these days are used to just check out, grab a quick bite – with your bags – before you head out to the airport.

Make the most of your trip. Squeeze in another smased avo or a cake in Acland Street and do more, by being hands free.

You could even get around to visiting that art gallery that you said you wanted to go to, but ran out of time for.

We travel lots and even with the invention of a four wheel suitcase, the bag bit sucks.

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