Bookings are quick and easy. Hit the Book Now button in the menu or wherever you see Book Now on the site This will take you to the Booking Page.

Complete your details as requested and nominate your preferred times. 

Once you have gone through the checkout and made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

Once you have booked the service and realise that the number of bags needs to be altered, you can do this by emailing or calling us.

In most cases, we will be able to accomodate the change; however there may be times where we simply can not do it.

So what does this mean?

If you have booked too many bags and wish to remove a bag, you may still be charged for the additional bag (this would occur during busy periods or when other bookings have been refused due to no availability fo them).

If you haven’t booked enough bags and wish to add more, there may be times where space is not available and we can not accept the additional bag/s (this would occur during busy periods or when other parties have booked the space).

Please note:

The above are exceptions and ideally we want to work with you, so amendments should be possible; however due to demand during busy periods we can not guarantee it. If you book the right amount of bags, you will be fine.


The peak times for us to provide the free Pick Up are in the mornings on any given day. We aim to collect bags between 8:00am – 12:00pm; however there are times where the logistics of this may need to change.

We want to work with you, so if 8:00am is a problem, email or call us and if we can accommodate another time, we will.

Our aim is to provide this service for all people and our experience has shown that collecting the bags in the above time slot, works best for everyone.

Unfortunately we do not carry change. In order for a booking to be secured, it has to be paid for. Therefore, at this point in time, the only method available is through PayPal or through Square. This requires a Credit or Debit Card. 


There are no additional fees to use AMEX, so if you have one of those, take advantage of the extra reward points.

Please note: Some foreign cards may attract additional bank fees. If this is the case and we are charged and additional fee to process your payment, we reserve the right to pass this cost on to you.

Standard Merchant Fees are absorbed by us.

We understand that sometimes things happen. We are parents and members of society, so we are well aware of what may or may not unexpectedly pop up.

As part of your booking, there is a 15 minute grace period for the Drop Off. If you are up to 15 minutes late, that is OK. We can work with that.

If you find that you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, you must advise us immediately you becoming aware and we will work with you. This does not mean telling us 5 minutes before the scheduled Drop Off that you are going to be 30 minutes late.


Communication is the key. If you are reasonable and communicate with us, we will be reasonable as well.

If you do not communicate; simply do not turn up; or provide an unreasonable excuse (ie I’m at the pub), we reserve the right to charge you additional handling fees; storage fees; and Drop Off fees.

It’s relatively simple. Don’t be late or communicate if you are going to be and everything will be just fine.

We will call you on the approach to the Drop Off to see where you are and to advise you where we are. Our vans stand out, so you should be able to recognise us. They are Purple and Black and say BagBoyz® on them.

When we call you, if you tell us where you are and what you are wearing, we will find you. In the event we are moved on by staff at the airports, pier, hotels or stations, we will drive around again.

Your bags will be either with one of our BagBoyz® or secured in our remote, secure storage facility, headed up by Baggage the Elephant.

Just like when you check your luggage in, we suggest that you lock your bags and ideally do not leave important items such as your passport or Faberge Eggs in your bags. We do not know what is in your bags.

We are fully insured.

The length of storage is up to you.

The cost of storage per bag is a flat fee per calendar day, so if you are travelling interstate for a few days and returning back to Melbourne, we can hold your excess bags while you are away. This often beats the Airline charges for check in luggage and also allows you to travel light. Upon you return, we will either Drop Off your bags to one of the airports, Station Pier, Southern Cross Station or to to your next hotel (City and surrounds).

If you need them delivered somewhere else, we can provide a special delivery. Just email or call us for a quote.

Still stuck?

Feel free to call us or send an email.

Often, it is easier to call or email us after we have collected your bags – being Hands Free and all.

BagBoyz® like to travel.We like theme parks and fast rollercoasters.Luckily many parks around the world provide storage lockers for your backpack, sunglasses, phone and caps before you hop on the ride.As they like to say – the ride always wins.While Melbourne is not a theme park and the Scenic Railway is hardly a ride that would win, when it comes to your belongings, why not do what many smart travellers are doing and store your bags with us.Not only will you not have to drag them around, you can relax doing what you wish to do, knowing that they are safe from theft or accidentally leaving them somewhere.


Whatever your size, don't drag the bag

kid needing luggage storage