More than 45 days

Where can I find long term luggage storage in Melbourne?

Short term or long term, luggage storage with us is anywhere & at any time, because we come to you.

Most travellers feel restricted by their luggage. From A to B, we collect, store & deliver your bags, so you're handsfree to make more of the day to do what you want.

BagBoyz® offer a longe term luggage storage solution, which is ideal for International Students that may be going home over the summer break or for travellers looking to see more of the country.

We can store bags of any size and a perfect solution if you need a place to store your valuables, like a laptop or any shopping that you have purchased during your stay.

A more practical solution to storage lockers at Southern Cross Station or some random location that will mind your bag, where you are dictated to by the hours they are open. Best of all, you don’t need to drag your bags to that location or return back there to collect them.

Our service is great for luggage, business files, artwork, sporting equipment and more. 

All your items are covered by our insurance that provides cover to $250,000.

Although we are not temperature controlled, your items will be stored in our remote, secure storage facility, which is enclosed and your items are not stored at the back of a cafe where they could get in the way of businesses trying to operate.

Looking to store items over 45 days. We offer an affordable and safe alternative at just $1.50* per item per day.

* Pick Up & Drop Fees may apply.


We promise, you will do more once you store your bags

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