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When we meet you
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Luggage Storage - $10 OFF

The easiest luggage storage

Make the most of your day and do what you want by being hands free

BagBoyz® Making the day easier

You made it this far, why not do yourself a favour and enjoy the day by being Hands Free.

With the extra $10 in your pocket, shout the group some Slurpees.

no need to search for luggage storage near me

To take advantage of the $10 off, make sure you click the links through this page, book our service, then you can Do Whatcha Wanna Do!

Ten Dollars

We carry bags & you get $10

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How it Works


This will take you to our booking form. Just need a price? Try the Quote button.


Tell us the number of bags, your ideal times & where we meet you for pick up & drop off.


Do Whatcha Wanna Do and we'll meet you with your bags at your booked time.

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Travel Easy with BagBoyz® Luggage Storage

Be the Ghost of davy crockett
& shove $10 right in your pocket

We are like a locker on wheels.

Lockers can’t be booked, are sometimes all taken, often broken, don’t offer you insurance and worst of all, you have to find them, and then drag your bags to them.

BagBoyz® offers you a service that overcomes all of this.

Simply book your collection time and we will come to you.

Best of all, you don’t need to go back to the locker and get your bags.

Our storage is located between the city and the airport.

We provide a mobile service that comes to you and then delivers your bags back to you, wherever & whenever you need them.

We want you to have a completely stress-free day.

A day where your plans are not restricted to carrying bags, retrieving bags or what you end up doing with your time.

We are travellers too and we promise, you will have more fun with your time, including the extra time gained by not getting to the locker, if BagBoyz® are storing your bags.

The cheapest option is carrying your bags around with you.

Second to that, is buying a bike lock and tying them to a pole.

We look at value as a combination of dollars and ease.

This is your holiday, no doubt well deserved.

So if you are looking for the easiest solution that will allow you to do more with your day and cause the least amount of stress, BagBoyz® is for you.

It’s a holiday. Give yourself what you deserve.

BagBoyz® Suitcase Storage in Melbourne

Save Ten Dollars

We come to you!


So How Do We Compare?

Storage Provider
Pick Up
Drop Off
Everywhere - We come to you!
Baggage Storage
Spencer Street
Baggage Storage
6am - 12am
Melbourne Airport
Southern Cross Lockers
Southern Cross Station - can fill up fast
Travellers Aid
8:00am - 7:45pm
Flinders Street Station - need to use a Myki to access
Online Apps
Varies - could be upstairs or far away, you don't know until after you book
Be My Guest BNB Concierge
9:00am - 6:00pm
Spencer Street

Save $10?

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Why Are BagBoyz® Better?

Sometimes all you need is a locker, if that is the case, try Southern Cross Train Station lockers. If they are full or broken, give us a try.

At BagBoyz®, we know you are the kind of traveller who wants to make the most of the day.

In order to do that, you need the freedom of your hands.

The problem is your luggage, which makes you feel restricted.

We believe holidays should be easy, relaxing & fun.

When we travel, we like to find the easiest way, that’s why we come to you, so you have the easiest option for your bags.

So if you need to store your bags in Richmond, you’re at the right place – BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Richmond.

Here’s how it works: Click. Book. Enjoy.

So Book Now. Stop the frustration, start doing more and enjoy the day. As holidays are meant to be.

How We Help

When to use us

Luggage Storage Richmond

Early Checkout
Don't just wait around. Make the most of your last day. Get coffee, go to the NGV, take your time.
Late Check-In
You're probably tired. Make the most of your first day. Eat food, go shopping, get off the footpath.
Interstate Trips
Avoid Checked luggage fees, they add up fast. Just take your wallet, backpack & camera.
Switching Hotels
Times don't match for checkout and check-in.
Take the kids to the aquarium.
Switching Hotels
Times don't match for checkout and check-in. Take the kids to the aquarium.
Road Trips
You won't need your big bags. Get a convertible, grab your wallet & take your camera.
Finding a locker
Other Luggage Storage involves getting there first & you have to return to collect it.

As we said, our customers are the best

what our clients have to say

The easiest solution to storing your bags

Go hands free

As we said, our customers are the best

what our clients have to say