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Luggage Storage in Southern Cross

Going to Southern Cross?
Luggage while travelling is a hassle.

Flights & hotel these times rarely sync

At a hotel or Airbnb? Don't waste time after checkout or before check-in standing around. Go hands free. Do Whatcha Wanna Do!

lockers may not be working or close By

Once you have found them, they may be full or broken. They are not insured, plus you have to return back there to collect your bags.

Most activities are not suitable with luggage

Whether it is too hot, windy or wet, dragging your luggage through busy streets or on public transport is a hassle

Luggage can be heavy and a back breaker

Don't do yourself an injury, dragging your bags. Luggage gets heavier when travelling especially if you have been shopping

Our job is to make
your day easier

Anywhere. Anytime.
We collect, store & deliver your bags.
Making you handsfree to Do Whatcha Wanna Do!

No need to join or download an app

So How Do We Compare?

Storage Provider
Pick Up
Drop Off
Everywhere - We come to you!
Baggage Storage
Spencer Street
Baggage Storage
6am - 12am
Melbourne Airport
Southern Cross Lockers
Southern Cross Station - can fill up fast
Travellers Aid
8:00am - 7:45pm
Flinders Street Station - need to use a Myki to access
Online Apps
Varies - could be upstairs or far away, you don't know until after you book
Be My Guest BNB Concierge
9:00am - 6:00pm
Spencer Street

Why Are BagBoyz® Better?

Sometimes all you need is a locker, if that is the case, try Southern Cross Train Station lockers. If they are full or broken, give us a try.

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Do Whatcha Wanna Do and we'll meet you with your bags at your booked time.

At BagBoyz®, we know you are the kind of traveller who wants to make the most of the day. 

In order to do that, you need the freedom of your hands. 

The problem is your luggage, which makes you feel restricted. 

We believe holidays should be easy, relaxing & fun.

When we travel, we like to find the ease, that’s why we come to you, so you have the easiest option to your bags.

Here’s how it works. Click, Book, Enjoy.

So Book Now, so you can stop the frustration, start doing more and enjoy the day.

How We Help

When to use us

Southern Cross Station Luggage Storage

Early Checkout

Don't just wait around. Make the most of your last day. Get coffee, go to the NGV, take your time.

Late Check-In

You're probably tired. Make the most of your first day. Eat food, go shopping, get off the footpath.

Interstate Trips

Avoid Checked luggage fees, they can be pretty costly. Just take your wallet, backpack & camera.

Switching Hotels

Times don't match for checkout and check-in.
Take the kids to the aquarium.

Road Trips

You won't need your big bags. Get a convertible, grab your wallet & take your camera.

Finding a locker

Other Luggage Storage involves getting there first & you have to return to collect it.
After Check Out - Whatcha Gonna Do? BagBoyz Luggage Storage Melbourne come to you

the easy solution to luggage at Southern Cross

We come to you!


Where Can I Store My Luggage in Melbourne?

Luggage Storage Services at Southern Cross Station

Luggage Storage Solution for going to Southern Cross

Southern Cross Station lugagge storage

Do you need convenient Luggage Storage at Southern Cross?

Are you arriving by train or SkyBus?

Are you planning to explore the city, head to the footy or just find your way to and from your accommodation?

Don’t drag your heavy luggage around. It can quickly become a burden and take away from your enjoyment.

That’s where we come to the rescue with our convenient luggage storage options at Southern Cross Station.

At BagBoyz®, we understand the importance of hassle-free travel and the need for secure storage solutions.

Whether you’re a tourist, business traveler or local looking for temporary storage, we are the easiest solution.

Here’s why our luggage storage service at Southern Cross is the perfect choice.

We offer a luggage storage service that comes to you, stores your bags for as little or as long as you need. 

We then return them back to you, wherever you are & whenever you need, which means you have found the easiest solution to the bag drag while travelling.


Our storage facilities are everywhere in Melbourne, including Southern Cross Station, as we come to you making us an incredibly convenient service.

You won’t have to venture far from where you are as we collect or deliver your bags outside of the station.

Searching for luggage lockers at Southern Cross is no more.

Secure & Reliable

We want to give you peace of mind.

Bag storage with us is in our secure facility or riding shotgun in our vans.

A more practical solution to storage lockers at Southern Cross Station.

More certainty compared to a luggage storage app that will send you to some random location, where you are dictated by variable operating hours.

Your luggage is not stored out the back of some shop or an unmonitored locker.

Best of all, you don’t need to drag your bag to that location or return back there before you head to your next destination, therefore you are truly Hands Free.


You can trust that your belongings will be safe with us.

long or short term

We offer flexible storage options to cater to your needs. Whether you need to store your luggage for a few hours, a day, or longer, we can do that.

We collect, store & deliver your luggage – Anytime. Anywhere.

So we work around your schedule.

LOcal Expertise

BagBoyz® are Melbourne born and bred.

During your store, if you need some advice for how to get somewhere, how to use the Myki or where you should venture for a bite, feel free to call us, we are only happy to help.

We may not have all the answers, but we are a good place to start.

"Where can you store your bags before you check in to your Airbnb or short term rental"?

Check out our reviews

We are 5 star. We work hard to get our ratings and we want to keep it that way. Travellers love us, because we make their day easier for them.

We are the experts in luggage storage.

Firstly, we are reliable, local and direct.

That is to say, we are safe, versatile and the easiest solution to luggage when travelling.

Stop looking on Google. Play the day away and get your guests being Hands Free.

Secondly, you will love us and if have kids with you, you will love us more. Therefore, you will enjoy the day more.

Thirdly, forget the packed trams and footpaths, trying to  manoeuvre your way through. Melbourne was made to be enjoyed. Enjoy her.

So if you are looking for luggage storage or finding the lockers at Southern Cross are either full or broken, we are the perfect solution.

opening hours

BagBoyz® storage for travellers in Melbourne are open 24/7 including public holidays.

LUggage Storage Marvel Stadium

Looking to squeeze in a game at Marvel Stadium before you leave town?
Finding that your luggage is preventing you from enjoying the day?
BagBoyz® service all of Melbourne so you don’t need to ask yourself “Where can I store my luggage near me?”
Maybe you have just arrived in Melbourne and need a place to store your bags at Southern Cross before you check into your hotel, Airbnb or short term accomodation.
Become the real super hero and free yourself up from the frustration of your luggage and let BagBoyz® allow you to Do Whatcha Wanna Do.

Luggage Storage icehouse

If you are looking to use your spare time to have a skate at Icehouse or for some shopping at The District, before you head. to the airport or check in to your accomodation, BagBoyz® are the perfect solution to getting rid of your bags.
No need to look for locker storage near me, as we come to you.
BagBoyz® have the largest network for luggage storage in Melbourne, because our locations are infinite.
We come to you, meaning you do not have to drag your bag to somewhere to store them or search the web for bag lockers.

BagBoyz® are the number 1 luggage storage service in Melbourne and we are always open.

Booking your luggage storage with us is quick and easy. 

Simply click here to reserve your storage space in advance.

We will meet you at the times your have selected.

So, why struggle with heavy bags when you can explore Melbourne freely?

Take advantage of our reliable and convenient luggage storage services and make the most of your time in Melbourne’s vibrant waterfront precinct.

Book your storage space today and enjoy a stress-free travel experience like never before.

What to Do in Melbourne

Enjoy the food & shopping hands free. We’ll pick up your bags and return them back to you when you’re done, Airport, Southern Cross, Hotel – Anywhere & Anytime.


We have storage facilities conveniently located throughout Melbourne, ensuring easy access from popular tourist spots, transportation hubs, and major attractions. 

Whether you’re exploring the CBD, wandering through the laneways, or visiting iconic landmarks like Federation Square or the Royal Botanic Gardens, you’ll find a storage facility nearby, because we come to you.

Melbourne is famous for its hidden laneways adorned with colourful street art, boutique shops and cozy cafes.

Wander through Hosier Lane, AC/DC Lane and Degraves Street to soak up the unique atmosphere and discover local treasures.

Fed Square to the locals, Federation Square is located in the heart of Melbourne opposite Flinders Street Station and is a hub of cultural events and entertainment.

Admire the architectural masterpiece, catch a live performance, or explore the galleries at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Queen Vic or Vic Market, however you want to say it, the market is bustling with energy.

One of the largest open-air markets in the Southern Hemisphere, the Vic Market is home to Aboriginal Art that is made in Chine and sold by Indians – can you get any more multicultural?

Sample local produce, browse through unique handicrafts, and indulge in delicious street food.

Top picks for us are the hot jam doughnuts, perfect for a winters day and the Bratwurst Shop & Co where you can find an array of cooked European sausages served a crusty roll.

We don’t like bags, we like food too.

The Vic Market is easy to get to. Catch a tram along Elizabeth Street or William Street.

Immerse yourself in the Arts.

Melbourne is renowned for its thriving arts scene.

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) to admire its impressive collection, explore the street art in the laneways or in Fitzroy, or catch a performance at one of the city’s many theatres.

Hot Tip: Get a drink at Young and Jackson’s Hotel (opposite Flinders Street Station), head up stairs and have a look at Chloe. It may not be your thing, but it is a Melbourne thing – apparently.

Head to the south side of the Yarra and take a stroll along Southbank Promenade.

Perfect for a scenic walk along the Yarra River.

Marvel at the skyline, dine at riverside restaurants or catch a show at the renowned Arts Centre Melbourne.

There is a Sunday Market along the promenade underneath Princes Bridge.

Known as “The Tan” the Royal Botanic Gardens is great to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in a peaceful oasis.

Explore the beautifully landscaped gardens, visit the stunning glasshouse or enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature.

Summer nights host the Moonlight Cinema where you can pull up some grass and watch a movie.

Take the Aerogard though.

We’re a little crazy for sport in this town.

Melbourne is known as the sporting capital of Australia. Catch a cricket match at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), watch a tennis tournament during the Australian Open or attend an Australian Rules Football (AFL) match.

If motor sport is your thing, we have the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park and the Moto GP at Phillip Island.

Looking for some water sports – checkout the Moomba Masters hosted right in the city on the Yarra River.

Store your bags and indulge in the culinary delights.

Melbourne is a food lover’s paradise.

Explore the diverse culinary scene, from international cuisine to trendy brunch spots.

Don’t miss the chance to try the famous Melbourne coffee culture and indulge in delectable local specialties.

There’s also 50,000 (approx.) 7-11’s in a 1km block, where you can grab a coffee for $1.50 (use the App), a Krispy Kreme doughnut, some sushi or a Slurpee.

Melbourne comes alive after dark with its vibrant nightlife.

Explore the hidden bars and rooftop venues, enjoy live music performances or indulge in a comedy show at one of the city’s comedy clubs.

If you are around in March – April, you can experience the International Comedy Festival, where the world’s best comics and some local ones will have you giggling your socks off.

You’ll love every piece of Victoria, so why not use BagBoyz® Suitcase Storage Melbourne to look after the big bags and take a day trip.

Grab a convertible.

There’s the Great Ocean Road where you can embark on an unforgettable road trip. 

Just a few hours from Melbourne.

Marvel at the stunning coastal scenery. Visit the Twelve Apostles rock formations, and soak in the breathtaking views.

Set off to the island, located in Western Port Bay.

Here you can find the Fairy Penguins, stroll the beaches, catch some waves or just relax in the town center of Cowes.

There’s Adventure parks for the kids and even a chocolate factory.

At just over an hour from the city these two towns show Victoria from a year gone bye. Developed with the spoils of the gold rush in the 1850’s here you will find some remarkable architecture.

Ballarat is home to Kryal Castle and Sovereign Hill and Bendigo has a talking tram.

These are just a few highlights of what Melbourne has to offer.

The city is brimming with unique experiences and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

So, pack your sense of adventure and get ready to create unforgettable memories in the cultural hub of Melbourne, but best of all, ditch the bags with Melbourne’s Best Luggage Storage – BagBoyz® – We come to you!

What to Do in Docklands

Enjoy the food & shopping hands free. We’ll pick up your bags and return them back to you when you’re done, Airport, Southern Cross, Hotel – Anywhere & Anytime.

Adjacent to the CBD, Docklands is where Melbourne embraces the waterfront.

Starting at Spencer Street and stretching west, Docklands is a mixture of residential, commercial and open spaces.

Docklands is served well with public transport, offering numerous tram routes, buses and Southern Cross Station.

The station is located next to Marvel Stadium and has walkways across the roads, link Docklands and the station.

Footy (AFL) is the major use for this indoor/outdoor stadium; however its use is limited only by the imagination.

Hosting cricket, WWE, UFC, basketball, rugby, soccer, conventions and concerts, make sure you check out what is on the next time you are in town.

An easy way to get to the stadium is by public transport, or if you are staying in Docklands, it is an easy walk.

The easiest way though, is hands free. So make sure you get BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Docklands to look after your bags.

We’ll pick them up, store them securely and drop them back to you, when and where you need them. This means you are hands free from the moment we meet you until the moment we see you again.

The District is the new upgrade of what used to be known as Harbourtown.

Promising Shopping, Food & Fun, The District is home to O’Brien Icehouse, Costco & many retailers, as well as The Pancake Parlour, Carl’s Jnr and many more.

So if you want to shop to you drop, entertain yourself or grab a quick bite to eat, make sure you do yourself a favour and get BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Docklands to look after your bags. Even the new ones you accumulate on your day out.

We’ll pick them up, store them securely and drop them back to you, when and where you need them, which means you can do more, when BagBoyz® The Luggage Storage Experts, look after your bags


A great day out for the international traveller.

Check out of the hotel in the morning, have us look after your additional larger bags, spend the day shopping and eating at The District Docklands shops and then head to Southern Cross Station to catch the SkyBus to the airport.

We can even help if you need the additional luggage storage. Sydney Airport here you come. When you you are back in Melbourne ready to catch your flight home, we can meet you wherever and whenever you need and drop back your luggage to you

Operating most Sundays, the market offers an array of boutique stalls.

You’ll never know what you’ll find, but we know it is easier hands free.

Whatever your flavour, Docklands offers taste bud tempters for all.

From quick bites to sit down restaurants, whatever your fancy, remember it’s easier to eat, when you’re hands free.

We can look after your bags, so grab your camera, drink bottle, hat and wallet and get down to Docklands, for fun, food and shopping.

Docklands is serviced by the Free Tram Zone, Southern Cross Station and the Tourist Tram.

Book here and let BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Docklands look after your bags. We’ll hold them for as little or as long as you need and drop them right back to you.

Better than the Lockers at Southern Cross Station

Spencer Street Baggage Storage

You know when you're travelling how your bags become a pain and stop you doing stuff?
Well, from A to B, we collect, store and deliver your bags, so you're handsfree to Do Whatcha Wanna Do!

Are there Lockers at Southern Cross Station?

Luggage Storage Southern Cross Station is located on the ground floor. Southern Cross Station is located in the western part of the city on Spencer Street. Docklands.

Formerly known as Spencer Street Station it is home to Metropolitan Trains, V/Line intrastate & interstate trains, SkyBus Airport Shuttle and a bus terminal for regional buses.

It is Melbourne’s busiest train station. 

Southern Cross Station Luggage Storage

So getting back to the lockers at Southern Cross Station, they are located between V/Line and SkyBus, behind Hungry Jacks and 7 ELEVEn.

A good question to ask is, “How big are the lockers at Southern Cross Station?”

We are not quite sure, but there are three different sizes available.

Luggage lockers are available in various sizes and are located in areas throughout Southern Cross.

Dependant on size, prices are from;

  • 3 hrs $6.00
  • 24 hrs $12.00
  • 2 days $24.00
  • 3 days $36.00
  • 4 days $48.00
  • 5 days $60.00
  • 6 days $72.00
  • 7 days $84.00

Prices current May 2023

Please note that all lockers more than 24 hours overdue will be cleared. Items left in overdue lockers may be retrieved at the Luggage Hall, however a $50.00 recovery fee will apply. Items not claimed for more than 7 days will be considered as lost property.

Marvel Stadium Luggage Storage

Get off at Southern Cross Station if you are going to Marvel Stadium, visiting the Docklands, accessing the west end of the city including the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre as well as Crown Casino.

Southern Cross Station is the easiest station to catch the light rail to Port Melbourne (Station Pier) or St Kilda. It is also, the main departing point for trams. to Albert Park if you are going to the Australian Grand Prix.

The northern part of the station leads into Spencer Outlet Centre if you are looking for shopping as well as offering some choices to take away food. It has two supermarkets.

When it comes to luggage storage, Southern Cross Station offers the ability to hire lockers. They are variable in size; however you can not book them, they can be out of order and they offer no insurance.

You will also find a TravellersAid at Southern Cross Station.

How is BagBOyz® Luggage Storage better?

The facilities at Southern Cross Station are great (they are getting better), if you are already at Southern Cross Station, but what if you’re not?

Or what if you are there and want to leave? 

That’s where BagBoyz® | Luggage Storage Melbourne can help.

We can collect your bags from your city hotel, city office, store them for the day (or as long as you like) and drop them off to you when & where you need them – 24 hours a day.

This is called Hands Free Travel. Quite often we collect travellers luggage from Melbourne Airport, so they can catch an Uber or taxi to where they want to go to and then we meet them later in the day with their bags. This means you have more flexibility in your day.

This is great if you have a few things planned for the day.

So shop ’til you drop, enjoy the coffee, take a selfie or whatever else you would like to do and rest assured that we will make your travels that much easier.

TRams outside southern cross station

Melbourne loves her trams. It’s home to largest tram network in the world.

There are old trams, slightly younger trams and new modern trams. The new ones are great. They are low riders and have air conditioning.

Once they get all the tram stops up to speed, so that passengers with disabilities can get on them, Melbourne will be on the move and the place to be.

The easiest solution to storing your bags

Go hands free

As we said, our customers are the best

what our clients have to say

Fantastic service and worth the price! Picked up our luggage in the morning from our airbnb, stored it for 12+... read more
Melissa Yan Avatar
Melissa Yan
Everything was perfect, Chris was super easy to communicate with, was flexible with the pick up and drop off time... read more
A B Avatar
Best idea ever
EDAN Avatar


We Come To You

Anywhere. Anytime.

Luggage Lockers At Southern Cross

Southern Cross Station does have luggage lockers. Melbourne, to remind you, you can not book them, they are often out of order and they provide no insurance. They can sometimes all be working but are full, meaning it can often be a wasted journey to Southern Cross Station to find that it was a waste of time. Think of us like Baggage Storage on Spencer Street.

Southern Cross station lockers map

The good folk at Southern Cross Station have provided a map of facilities, including a map for Southern Cross Station lockers location, but to save you some time, just click here.  Lockers are located on the ground floor, but remember, if you use them, they are not insured and you have to go back to collect your bags, meaning you can’t make the most of your day, by being Hands Free.

Do you want to make the most of your day? BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne can pick up your luggage from wherever you are and meet you at Southern Cross Station.

If you are already at Southern Cross Station, we can collect your luggage from there and take it to wherever you need it.

Luggage FOr V/Line Services

Luggage for V/Line services is through the Luggage Hall. Tun by Wilson (what isn’t), staff are friendly and will lighten your load if you are catching the train.

We often meet clients with their luggage before they hand it over at the Luggage Hall. This is how they make the most of their day, by being Hands Free.

If you need Vline train timetables click here.

How about the PTV journey planner click here

Or if you want to be Hands Free click here

Travellers Aid

Opposite the Luggage Hall, is Travellers Aid. Melbourne has three Travellers Aid locations. They offer numerous services that can be enhanced with BagBoyz® 24 hour service.

Buggy Service

A free Buggy Service assisting people transiting through Southern Cross Station and Seymour Station.

Mobility Equipment Hire

Electric scooters, manual wheelchairs, prams, walking canes & frames, crutches and more.

Luggage Storage

At Flinders Street Station in our lounge on the main concourse between platforms 9 and 10. To access the concourse you must tap on your Myki

Companion Service

Trained volunteer companions to accompany people to and from essential appointments and services.

Crisis Travel

Assistance with travel for people experiencing disadvantage or facing an emergency situation.

Disability Services

Assists people with a disability, impairment or are frail-aged when travelling through Southern Cross and Flinders Street Stations.

Backpacker Services

Travellers Aid lounges are a haven for independent travellers and backpackers visiting Melbourne.

Station Lounges

Travel information, internet access, mobility equipment recharging, shower facilities, rest rooms and more.

Travellers Aid Luggage Storage at Flinders Street Station

Southern Cross Station & Travellers Aid both provide luggage storage. Melbourne Airport has bus services run by SkyBus to and from Melbourne Airport. Luggage Storage Southern Cross Station , usually is available. So there are times where the lockers at Southern Cross Station and the Flinders Street lockers, provide what you need, we just know that we do it better.

  • They don’t come to you, we do
  • Our service is better than a malfunctioning locker
  • We are yet to be full
  • Unlike Travellers Aid Melbourne, we don’t close
  • Your luggage is dropped back to you, whenever & wherever you need it

Seriously. Try getting around Melbourne with your bags and then think about wheeling your suitcase, getting on a tram, holding it when you are sitting down having a coffee, dragging it up curbs – you know how it is.

We’ve travelled & when we do,  bags can suck.

Southern Cross Luggage Check In

V/Line & Interstate Train Services

Passengers must deposit their bags at Luggage Hall a minimum of 30 minutes before the service is scheduled for departure. This service is available for most V’Line Train Services and all interstate train services; however you still need to get your bags there.

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage in Melbourne will first pick up your bags from where you are, second store them for as little or as long as you need and then finally, drop them back to you when you need them. Which means you are Hands Free and free to make the most of the day.

This is great if you have a few things planned for the day.

The easiest solution to storing your bags

Go hands free