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Are guests asking to
Store Their Bags?

We solve that issue & you earn income

Most hotels increase their risk by storing luggage for guests.
We work with hotels to offer a great option for guests to do more with their day,
which frees hotel space, provides an additional revenue stream & minimises the risk.

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Hotel Luggage Storage Services in Melbourne

Luggage Storage for Hotels

What do you do with your guests Bags when they ask if you can look after them

Let's Work together

Attention all hotels.

Are you tired of receiving countless requests from guests to look after their bags before check-in or after checkout?

We are the perfect solution for you.

We remove the risk, free up your space and provide an income generating solution.

BagBoyz® the dependable hotel luggage storage in Melbourne.

Plus, your guests will be happier.

hotel luggage storage

Give your guests another reason to give you 5 stars. We’re 5 star.

We constantly get calls for storing luggage from hotel guests, because they have an early checkout but don’t fly out until later in the day. This is usually at night.

We know that some hotels offer to store the guests luggage, which is great, but it really doesn’t solve their problem.

They have to come back and collect it, meaning they either have to stay close to the hotel if they wish to do something or if they do find something to do, they have to leave early to come back to the hotel for their luggage.

This is where we help.

Your guests will love that you are offering them a solution to their luggage before and/or after their stay and best of all, you will earn extra income from it.

  • The solution for your guests, so you can show them you care which means more 5 star reviews
  • An easy booking system, that is easily shared, means you are their saviour
  • 24 hours service, allowing guests to arrive whenever, means you don’t have to deal with guests outside of your normal times

If you are looking to improve your star reviews and how to make your hotel stand out, then don’t be left behind.

Do as other hotels are doing a provide a solution to the guests. They will love you for it.

BagBoyz® are the convenient luggage storage for hotels.

Hotel Guest Check In

Solve the guests question on what to do with luggage before check in? Why not add a further smile to their stay and offer a solution to the problem of an early arrival?

This allows them to enjoy the city hands free before they have checked in and a further reason to provide you a 5 star rating, knowing that you were thinking about them.

Hotel Guest Check out

We also can collect their bags when they have checked out and meet them at the airports, Southern Cross Station, Station Pier or anywhere else they may be going  later in the day.

Best of all, you will earn a referral fee for recommending us.

We provide brochures of what we do and pricing as well as a unique URL to our booking form, so we know the booking came through you.

All luggage is stored securely and is delivered right back to the guests.

Airbnb is going down this track.

Don’t be left behind.

We are the best solution for Hotel Luggage Storage in Melbourne.

You look after the beds, we look after the bags.


With BagBoyz®, you can provide your guests with a hassle-free bag storage service.

No more scrambling for space behind the front desk or worrying about security.

BagBoyz® will take care of everything.


We understand that the safety of your guests’ belongings is of utmost importance.

BagBoyz® is secure & reliable.

Bags are either securely stored or riding shot gun in our vans.


Guests often arrive before the check-in time or have a late flight after check-out.

With BagBoyz®, you can offer them a flexible bag storage solution.

Our service is available 24/7 and on public holidays, allowing guests to be free of their bags at any time that suits their schedule.


We take pride in our commitment to exceptional service.

Check out our reviews.

When guests choose BagBoyz®, they can rest assured that their bags are in reliable hands.

Our systems handle bags with care, ensuring they remain intact and protected throughout the storage period.


Integrating BagBoyz® into your hotel operations is a breeze.

Every referrer is provided with a unique booking form, that instantly notifies of tentative bookings and when bookings have been confirmed.

You can even use this link for guests that are not staying at the hotel, but have made contact with you looking for hotel luggage storage for day trips. 

We provide marketing material and can market your hotel as well.


Enhanced guest experience

By partnering with BagBoyz®, you can elevate the guest experience at your hotel.

We eliminate the stress and inconvenience of carrying around heavy bags, allowing your guests to explore your city comfortably and make the most of their time.

Satisfied guests are more likely to return and recommend your hotel to others.

We offer generous commissions, free up space in the hotel for other profit making centres – think larger business rooms or vending machines and make happier travellers.

Some referrers choose to share the referral fee with their guests so they get a discount, which can make you even more of a legend.

what do you need to do?

Make the smart choice for bag storage.

Contact BagBoyz® today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your hotel.

Enhance guest satisfaction, streamline your operations, and provide a secure and reliable solution to bag storage with BagBoyz®

It’s simple. We arrange a unique booking form for your locations. This can be added to your site or linked into emails.

When your guests book through your unique form, you will be instantly notified and we will pay you for the referral.

Some providers choose to share the referral fee with their guests, so they get a discount, which makes them even more of a legend.

You can start the process of working together by completing this form.

BagBoyz® are perfect for a Melbourne hotel luggage storage solution.

what do you receive from us?

  • a unique online booking form (with its own URL), so we can track where the referral has come from and who we need to pay.
  • marketing materials (A4 & DL brochures, price lists and magnets) if you want them.
  • refreshed, relaxed and non stressed guests that are more willing to give 5 star reviews

Best of all.

It costs you nothing, earns income, solves space issues and improves reviews, so get on board  – your competition has.

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne are the luggage storage and transfer experts.

how can hotels tap into luggage storage?

You don’t need to be the Hilton Hotel. Luggage Storage is now available to all hotels, big or small and best of all, if you have already been offering luggage storage for guests, we can free up the space in the foyer for other revenue streams, be that vending machines, breakfast bars or business facilities.

Most of all, by using BagBoyz®, your guests will enjoy their day more, which will improve their experience, providing better memories and having them provide greater referrals to the friends and colleagues.

So the next time a potential hotel guest searches “Do hotels have luggage storage?”, by being a BagBoyz® referrer, your answer can be yes, without the need to actually store luggage at the hotel.

So why use us?

hotels that already offer luggage storage

Many hotels offer a hotel luggage storage service or have a hotel luggage storage policy, we get that.

If you already are a hotel with luggage storage, why not consider providing your guests an option.

Luggage Storage in hotel or Luggage Storage with transfer, by having guests use BagBoyz®.

Remember, we free up space and provide you an additional revenue stream, plus your guests will love you for it, which means better memories, higher ratings on their reviews plus they will recommend you to their friends.

We are like valet parking for bags.

Don’t let Airbnb have another advantage. Many are using our service already.

How it Works


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Tell us the number of bags, your ideal times & where we meet you for pick up & drop off.


Do Whatcha Wanna Do and we'll meet you with your bags at your booked time.

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