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Case Study #1

A Family Trip To Watch The Cricket

When your Aussie trip Includes Going Interstate

In our case study, Michelle, Wayne and their two daughters travelled to Melbourne in 2017.

Their situation is a perfect case study as to why BagBoyz® Melbourne Luggage Storage is the best solution to travel easier.

It had been a long-planned trip and was on Wayne’s Bucket List to watch his beloved English Cricket Team at the MCG.

After their success in 2015, Wayne thought an Ashes whitewash was a shoo-in. 

An avid sports lover, he had based his trip from Melbourne, as he was also attending the Australian Open Tennis to cheer on his local hopeful – Andy Murray.

Between the cricket and the tennis, they were going to Sydney to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks around the harbour (Wayne tells us that he agreed to this part of the trip as he was planning to break away from the family to watch the fifth test at the SCG). They heard it was one of the most Instagrammable places in Sydney.

Where could they store their luggage? Sydney Airport was the destination.

A Family Of Four With A Lot Of Bags

what were they to do with their bags while they were away from Melbourne for four days?

They didn’t know where to store luggage in Sydney and they would still need to get it there, meaning their luggage was going to be a hindrance.

They didn’t need everything they had brought with them and Michelle had gone a little crazy with the shopping at Vic Market, Chadstone and Chapel Street, which meant she had additional excess baggage.

The did some research and found looking for luggage lockers. Sydney Airport was like all others. There was luggage storage in Sydney.

However, they wanted to travel light and didn’t see it necessary to cart everything with them to Sydney and to pay for the Checked luggage fees for the additional bags because the prices add up.

Plus it wasn’t going to be for long.

They were catching SkyBus from Southern Cross Station to Melbourne Airport and they didn’t want to deal with their luggage on the tram along Flinders Street as they get quite full in the free tram zone.

Check out our reviews. We’re 5 star.

Option 1.

Where to Find Luggage Lockers In Melbourne

Travel from the Pullman Hotel in East Melbourne to find luggage lockers. Southern Cross Station seemed logical, as they were going to catch SkyBus from Southern Cross to Melbourne Airport.

Our case study had seven bags to store (plus their carry on) and estimated that they would need at least three lockers as they had looked online to find out how big are the lockers at Southern Cross Train Station; however you cannot book them.


$12 for small,

$14 for medium

$16 for large per day.

They guessed it would be one medium and two large, but they wouldn’t know until they arrived at Southern Cross.

Total $184.00 plus they had to get to the station and get back there upon their return, before going to the hotel.

The lockers at Southern Cross Station are not insured, cannot be pre booked and are often out of order, meaning it can be a waste of time going down there.

Option 2.

Check Their Bags in With The Airline

Check their luggage in with the airline

They looked into luggage storage at Melbourne Airport. The was one option; however, they had to drag the bags to the airport first. Meaning they truly were not hands-free

Four bags were included with their tickets and the additional bags would be charged each way at $40 per bag.

Total – $240.00 plus they had to drag the bags around with them.

Option 3.

Use BagBoyz® Luggage Storage In Melbourne

Use BagBoyz® | Melbourne Luggage Storage & Transfer Experts

We met them and picked up their bags up from the Pullman for free.

We stored their bags for four days in our remote, secure Baggage Storage facility that is hosted by Baggage the Elephant – She nose storage.

We dropped their bags back to them when they returned to the Como Hotel in South Yarra.

1st bag included in Drop Off Fee.

6 bags at $9.00 per day ($54.00)

4 days = $216.00

Drop Off – $45.00

* This charge rate has now changed. The Drop off fee has reduced; however the first bag is no longer included.

Total $261.00 (fully insured)

They got to enjoy Sydney with just their backpacks and didn’t need to use any northern luggage storage. Sydney Airport, here they come.

So what was the Best Option?

BagBoyz® Of Course

They saw BagBoyz® Melbourne Luggage Storage as a no brainer and enjoyed their trip to the northern state to watch the fireworks.

Unfortunately for Wayne – England lost the Ashes 4-0 and Andy Murray pulled out of the Australian Open, but you can’t win them all.

Case Study #2

Daughter's Relocation For Uni

When you Are bringing Everything but the kitchen sink

The client’s daughter was relocating to Victoria for her university studies in Geelong.

This was a big change to her life and she made sure she brought all her things that reminded her of home.

She may have had a lot of shoes.

This type of move involved a lot of suitcases.

They were arriving at Melbourne Airport and Uni was in Geelong.

The whole family had come along for the new adventure. 

Mum, Dad, brothers but no dog.

Option 1.

Catch The Bus to Geelong

There is a bus that operates between Melbourne Airport and Geelong. It is operated by Gull.

This bus is ideal if you live in Geelong and are going on a holiday as you generally have up to two bags with you and being local to Geelong, friends or family could drop off you off at the departure point.

In this instance, there were more than two bags and the accommodation point in Geelong was not near the bus depot, meaning that even if they could fit their bags on the bus, they would have to find a mini van cab or Uber to get them from the bus depot to the accommodation.

This was not an option as the baggage allowance on the bus depends on how full the bus is. Sometimes you have to wait for a bus with fewer passengers or split up over multiple services.

Option 2.

SkyBus to Melbourne CBD, V/Line to Geelong

SkyBus provides a great service between Melbourne Airport and the Southern Cross Station.

There is also the Peninsula Express if you need to go to the southern suburbs of Melbourne.

However, like the bus to Geelong, the amount of luggage you can take, depends on the passenger demand, meaning you may be waiting a while for the right bus with no passengers or you will have to split up over multiple services.

In this case, do ing this would have caused an issue in catching the train to Geelong, plus they would have find their way, with the bags, from Geelong Station to the accommodation.

Option 3.

Hire a Car From the Airport and drive to geelong

This option appeared to be the best option.

They could hire a car and drive directly to the accommodation in Geelong, giving them the freedom to do what they needed to do.

There was one issue though. There were five travellers and 8 suitcases – 4 carry on and 4 checked luggage.

They needed to hire a large 7 seater or a minivan to accommodate the luggage and once they had arrived in Geelong, they didn’t need a vehicle that large, as the daughter was remaining there and so were the 4 large suitcases.

They found this option an overkill for their needs and expensive.

Option 4.

Hire a car from the airport & have BagBoyz® Transfer the Bags

Combining a small hire car and BagBoyz® Luggage Storage & Transfer, proved to be the right choice.

We met them at the airport, collected the bag and they collected the hire car.

It was arranged that we meet them later that evening in Geelong and they could spend the day exploring Melbourne and Geelong before they checked in to the accommodation.

They got to see some of Melbourne before they arrived and they had a car big enough for their luggage and the returning passengers when they were leaving their daughter.

They went out for dinner and checked into the hotel before we arrived.

All they needed were their bags. Which we had. Delivered safe and sound and on time.

So what was the Best Option?

BagBoyz® Of Course

Combining our services with a smaller car, they saved $420 compared to the larger hire car.

With that saving, we left with the thought, that maybe we could have charged more for our services

NB: We haven’t changed our prices, but it does prove that Mums know what they are doing.

So to all those kids out there. Listen to Mum.

the problem

As with either case study, travellers often face the inconvenience of lugging their heavy bags while exploring a city.

They are hindered by the lack of secure and easily accessible storage options, restricting their freedom to roam and enjoy their journey.

Traditional storage facilities, such as hotels or train stations, may be limited, expensive, or require long waiting times.

If you do find one, you also need to get there first and then return back there to collect your bags. This all adds to the inconvenience of your luggage.

The solution

BagBoyz® are seasoned travellers.

We identified the pain points of travellers and established luggage storage facilities that come to you

By leveraging technology and exceptional customer service, BagBoyz® offers the most reliable, convenient, and affordable solution to the luggage storage problem.

So get out there. Dump the bags and Do Whatcha Wanna Do!

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