Baggage the elephant

a story about Baggage, storage and her role

Baggage Storage Melbourne

A story about an elephant’s important role – Baggage Storage Melbourne.

This is Baggage the Elephant. She has a big trunk.

Look at that big trunk. Wow!

Lots of stuff can go in her trunk, it’s called Baggage Storage. Rewarded with happiness and peanuts she wants you to store stuff in her Baggage Storage facility, after all, she nose storage.

Her motto is “Don’t let the bag be the drag”, she doesn’t.

Heading up our Secure, Remote Storage Facility, like all good elephants, she is not forgetful.

“I’m no dumbo,” she says, “I’m not going to forget”.

Helping with storage and getting  your bags to Melbourne’s Airports, Southern Cross Station, between hotels or to Station Pier, she assists in providing a better alternative to storage lockers. She orchestrates the Free Pick Up, puts it in her trunk and then arranges the Drop Off.

Baggage doesn’t have a cart, but she is smart. You could say she is Smart no Cart.

Without wanting to upset the Fair Work Commissioner or the unions, she works for peanuts. And she loves it.

Three Cheers for Baggage and her Baggage Storage Melbourne facilities. 

Hip hip hooray.

Check out her sub pages for information on what Luggage Storage options are available at certain locations in Melbourne and how BagBoyz® can help in making the most of your day.

Delighted, she loves that her storage facility is fully insured. Although she doesn’t think she needs it, after all it’s her trunk and it’s looked after it pretty well. 

Be smart like the elephant and store your bags

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