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Luggage Storage for Management Companies

What to do with guests bags when they arrive early

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Guests are looking for an easy, relaxing stay.

Your clients are looking to maximise the return on their investment property.

BagBoyz® – Luggage Storage Melbourne solves the issue of luggage storage and offers additional income to your clients.

Airbnb, hotel, short term accommodation and travellers in general are already using our services. They love the extra free time they have exploring Melbourne because we remove the hassle of dragging your bags around.

We know that providing exceptional guest experiences is a top priority for you.

So if you are an Airbnb Management Company in Melbourne, maybe we should be talking.

Convenience and flexibility

We understand the importance of convenience when it comes to luggage storage.

That’s why our luggage storage service works around the guests movements. 

Guests get the flexibility to explore more of Melbourne without being weighed down by their bags.

If they want to explore popular attractions, do a little shopping, enjoy some of Melbourne’s local cuisine or just have a coffee, they’ll appreciate the freedom of moving around unencumbered.

Enhanced Guest Experience

By offering luggage storage services, you’re taking an extra step to enhance the overall guest experience.

Travellers will appreciate the convenience and flexibility, allowing them to fully enjoy their stay in your clients’ Airbnb properties.

Happy guests are more likely to leave positive reviews, leading to increased bookings and improved reputation for your management company.

Seamless Transition

BagBoyz® ensures a smooth transition for your guests between check-in and checkout.

BagBoyz® collects their bags and they can explore the city or enjoy their last day without the worry of managing their luggage.

This seamless process eliminates the stress and constraints associated with coordinating check-in and checkout times, allowing your guests to fully enjoy their stay.


As Property Managers for Airbnb, you understand the importance of providing a secure environment for the guests.

Partnering with a reputable luggage storage service ensures that guests’ belongings are kept safe and sound.

We provide a flexible, safe & secure luggage service that collects, stores and delivers your guests’ luggage.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Trust and Security

BagBoyz® prioritises the security of the guests’ belongings.

The guests’ luggage is secure. Their bags are either riding shotgun in our vans are stored in our remote storage facility.

By recommending BagBoyz®, Airbnb Property Managers provide their clients’ guests with peace of mind, knowing that their valuables are in trustworthy hands.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Satisfied guests are more likely to leave positive reviews and ratings, leading to higher visibility and increased bookings for your Airbnb listing.

By recommending BagBoyz®, you contribute to your guests’ overall satisfaction by offering a value-added service that enhances their stay.

This positive experience can translate into improved guest feedback and ultimately benefit your hosting reputation.

Local Insights and recommendations

BagBoyz® are Melbourne born and bred.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide your guests with valuable insights and recommendations about the local area.

From hidden gems to popular attractions, we can help your guests make the most of their visit to the city.

We encourage your guests to call us if they need information about being In Melbourne.

This additional level of assistance and guidance further enhances their experience and showcases your dedication as a host.

Collaborative partnership

By recommending BagBoyz®, Airbnb Mangers establish a collaborative partnership with a reputable and trusted luggage storage provider.

BagBoyz® strives to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional service, aligning with your commitment to offering an outstanding guest experience.

Together, we can ensure that your guests’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

Your competition are already doing it

Many Airbnb Management Companies in Melbourne are offering our service to their guests. 

It removes the onerous task of guest bags and is a great way to improve your yield.

We offer generous commissions that can be paid directly to you or shared with your guests (a discount).

Want to know more?

Fill out the form below or hit the link and complete the affiliate page.

Don’t worry, there are no quotas to meet and we can offer you promotional material (if you want it) and links to your property.

We just want to work together and from our point of view, we either pay Google for conversion or we share it with you.

So if you are one of the many Property managers for Airbnb in Melbourne, maybe we should be talking.

You look after their beds, we look after their bags

Luggage Storage solution for airbnbs

If you are still reading no doubt you are an Airbnb Host or one of an Airbnb Management Company looking for a convenient and secure solution for storing your guests’ luggage.

Are you looking to get 5 stars for your accommodation from your guests?

BagBoyz® understand that as a host, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for your guests is crucial.

Offering a reliable luggage storage option adds to their experience.

Pro tip

When promoting your Airbnb listing, highlight the availability of luggage storage as one of the unique features and benefits for potential guests.

This will set you apart from other hosts and attract travellers seeking a hassle-free experience.

Partnering with BagBoyz® for your Airbnb can significantly improve your guests’ experience, streamline your hosting operations and generate additional revenue.

By partnering with a trusted service, like BagBoyz® you can demonstrate your commitment to a fantastic holiday and create a lasting positive impression on your guests.

Airbnb Check-In

Solve the guests question on what to do with luggage before check in.

Why not add a further smile to their stay and offer a solution to the problem of an early arrival?

That is to say, provide an advantage to yourself as an Airbnb Host.

This allows them to enjoy the city HandsFree before they have checked in and above all, is another reason to provide you a 5 star rating, knowing that you were thinking about them.

Airbnb Check Out

We also can collect their bags when they have checked out and deliver them to the airports, Southern Cross Station, Station Pier or anywhere else they may be going later in the day.

This is to say, we go everywhere and can service your Airbnb in the suburbs.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on public holidays, meaning we are always available to you your guests.

Hotels may have their fancy foyers and concierge on demand. Airbnb has the footpath, therefore let’s hope Melbourne’s weather is behaving itself.

Why not even up the hotel advantage?

"Where can you store your bags before you check in to your Airbnb or short term rental"?

We store luggage short or long term

BagBoyz® can also provide long term luggage storage, so if they are visiting Australia and want to leave Melbourne for while and enjoy what the rest of the country has to offer, they can travel light and just take a backpack.

We can look after the big bags.

Recommending this service to them, will make you the hero and you also receive a referral fee for the booking, that is to say a double win for your Airbnb investment.

Don’t let them spend their time looking for somewhere to store on Gumtree.

Melbourne Airbnb Managers, we are the solution to the hassle of luggage when travelling.

In short, we make their travels easier, which in turn makes them happier.

Your guests can enjoy the benefits of an Airbnb or short-term accommodation and then make the most of their time before or after they occupy the property, which means they are happier and will be more willing to give that 5-star review.

Let them go out for a coffee, take a selfie or three, explore Melbourne’s rooftop bars or pop into an art gallery.

You name it. It all becomes easier for your guests when we are looking after their bags because when we have their bags, they are Hands-Free to do as they wish.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out our reviews

We are 5 star. We work hard to get our ratings and we want to keep it that way.

Travellers love us, because we make their day easier for them.

We are the luggage storage experts.

Firstly, we are reliable, local and direct.

That is to say, we are safe, versatile and the easiest solution to luggage when travelling.

Stop looking on Google. Play the day away and get your guests being Hands Free.

Secondly, your guests will love it and if they have kids with them, they will love it more. Therefore, they will enjoy the day more.

Thirdly, forget the packed trams and footpaths, having guests try and manoeuvre their way through.

Melbourne was made to be enjoyed. Enjoy her.

So if you are looking for luggage storage as an offering for your property we are the perfect solution.

additional revenue stream

We offer generous additional revenue streams to our referrers. 

This can improve your client’s return on their investment; go directly to the Airbnb Property Manager; or be offered as a discount to the guest.

We can provide marketing material for you. What you use is up to you.

Our referrers are instantly notified of bookings through their property’s unique booking form. 

We do not set targets on bookings and referral fees are paid monthly.

Airbnb Property management companies - What do you need to do?

It’s simple. We arrange a unique booking form for your locations.

This can be added to your site or linked into emails.

If you have another suggestion, we are all ears. That is to say, we work around your needs.

When your guests book through your unique form, you will be instantly notified and we will pay you for the referral, which means a better return for your investment and you don’t need to keep tabs.

Some providers choose to share the referral fee with their guests, which means they get a discount, which makes you even more of a hero.

Airbnb property managers - What do you receive from us?

  • a unique online booking form (with its own URL), so we can track where the referral has come from and who we need to pay. This emails you instantly at the booking, which means you don’t have to guess whether gusts are using the service.
  • marketing materials (A4 & DL brochures, price lists and magnets) if you want them.
  • refreshed, relaxed and non stressed guests that are more willing to give 5 star reviews

Best of all

It costs you nothing, earns income, solves space issues and improves reviews, so get on board  – your competition already are.

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne are the luggage storage and transfer experts.

Want to know more?

Give us a call.

tailored partnerships

We know that each Airbnb management company has unique requirements.

That’s why we offer flexible partnership options tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you manage a handful of properties or a large portfolio, we have scalable solutions to accommodate your business.

Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with you, providing reliable luggage storage services that seamlessly integrate with your existing operations and improve the return for your clients invenstment.


By incorporating our luggage storage service into your clients’ Airbnb management strategy, you’re adding value to their offerings and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Differentiate your company by going the extra mile to improve clients’ returns on their investment.

Think of our service as a bonus rent increase.

With our trusted luggage storage solution, you can attract more bookings, increase guest satisfaction, and ultimately grow your business.

Don’t let luggage logistics become a headache for your Airbnb management company.

Partner with us today and provide your clients’ guests with a convenient and reliable luggage storage experience.

Contact us now to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. Let’s work together to elevate your guests’ stay and maximise your business potential!

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