Southern Cross Station Luggage Storage

There are lockers at Southern Cross Station. They are located near bus bays, where you can catch SkyBus or a regional bus from and they are also located in the station heading towards the V/Line trains.

If you are standing on Spencer Street, you can find them behind 7Eleven, Hungry Jack’s and Pie Face.

Unfortunately you can not book them. So it is first in first served.

We receive a lot of customers standing at the station, stating that the lockers are full; the lockers are out of order; or the only available lockers are above their head height and they can not get their baggage into them.

It’s rather a blessing for us. But it also turns into a blessing for you. When you realise that when you use our service, we will deliver your luggage to you wherever you need it and at a time that suits you.

This saves you having to return back to the Southern Cross Station lockers location, providing you more time to be hands free.

Southern Cross Station Lockers – Price

Prices vary depending on the size of the lockers

The prices are from. That is, this is the price for the small locker

Prices current January 2019​

Please note that all lockers more than 24 hours overdue will be cleared. Items left in overdue lockers may be retrieved at the Luggage Hall, however a $50.00 recovery fee will apply. Items not claimed for more than 7 days will be considered as lost property.

The lockers do not provide you insurance. Owner onus applies.

This is another reason why we are the right choice for you. From the moment we pick up your luggage, to the moment we return them back to you, your bags are fully insured.

Please note. If you are an international traveller, you probably have travel insurance.

We believe we are a better alternative for you.