Luggage Storage in South Melbourne

There is nowhere in South Melbourne to store your luggage, making dimsims hard to eat

South Melbourne luggage storage

Luggage storage in South Melbourne

Store your bags pre check-in or post Check-Out

There is nowhere to store your bags in South Melbourne and we are the South Melbourne Luggage Storage experts.

We are the only service in South Melbourne that first of all comes to you, then stores your luggage for as little or as long as you need and finally, we deliver your bags back to you, wherever in Melbourne you need them and at whatever time you need.

  • Airport to South Melbourne
  • South Melbourne to Melbourne’s airports.
  • Drop offs and pick ups at Station Pier
  • Hotel to Hotel
  • Before or after your Airbnb.
  • Reliable, safe, and secure
  • We pick up and drop off your bags wherever and whenever you need them

"Where can your store your bags before you check-in to your Airbnb?"

We hear this a lot.

Whether it is Airbnb Check In or short term rental, your option is generally wait around on the footpath.

The hotels have the lobby, Airbnb has outside. With a bit of luck it is not raining or if it is, there is an undercover bus stop near by.

We are the the only service that looks after your luggage before Airbnb check-in and/or after Airbnb checkout.

We are reliable, safe, and secure, meaning you can rest assured and get out there and make the most of the day – hands free.

Firstly, we pick up  your bags wherever and whenever you need them – Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Station Pier, Southern Cross Station. Anywhere in Melbourne CBD and the suburbs, then we securely store them and finally, we return them back to you.

We can also provide long term luggage storage. If you are visiting Australia and want to leave Melbourne for while and enjoy what the rest of the country has to offer, why don’t you travel light and just take a backpack. We can look after the big bags and we are fully insured.

Don’t spend your time looking for somewhere to store on Gumtree. Melbourne we are the solution to the hassle of luggage when travelling.

Enjoy the benefits of an Airbnb or short term accomodation and make the most of the time before and after the time you occupy the property.

Go out for a coffee, take a selfie or three, explore Melbourne’s rooftop bars, pop into an art gallery. You name it. It all becomes easier when we are looking after your bags, because when we have your bags, you are hands free to do as you wish.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We are 5 star.

Firstly, we are reliable, fully insured, local and direct.

Stop looking on Google. Play the day away by being hands free.

Secondly, you will love it and if you have kids with you they will love it more.

Thirdly, forget the packed trams and footpaths, trying to manoeuvre your way through. Melbourne was made to be enjoyed. Enjoy her.

So if you are looking for luggage storage. In Airbnb, there generally isn’t any, but now you have the solution.

Luggage Storage in South Melbourne Experts

At just 2km from Melbourne’s CBD, South Melbourne is the traditional home of the Sydney Swans (go Bloods).

The main drag is Clarendon Street, which is the extension of Spencer Street in the city. Here you’ll find a mixture of boutique shops, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants, that is experienced better if you are hands free.

South Melbourne is well served by numerous tram lines and the suburbs offerings sprawl out along the many cross over streets along Clarendon.

South Melbourne Market

Known for its fresh food, the South Melbourne market is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and in the warmer months it hosts the night time markets, but best of all, it is the home to the South Melbourne Dim Sim. A tasty delight that has grown in popularity and is available at many locations through the Melbourne suburbs.

BagBoyz® offer South Melbourne market luggage storage

Atlanta is the home of Coke and South Melbourne is the home of the dim sim, well at least the South Melbourne Market variety. Available steam or fried, you will be glad that you tried them at the original home.

What to do it South Melbourne

If you are looking for a late night dessert, give the Old Paper Shop Deli a whirl. Here you will find an array of cakes and tasty treats and is the perfect end to a wonderful night.

A little further a field, delicious food can be found at O’Connell’s. Serving modern Australian cuisine (who isn’t these days) and a variety of craft beers on tap, O’Connell’s is a quiet spot to enjoy some great food. Ideal on a summer’s night to take advantage of the outside seating.

Whatever your fancy, make sure you do it hands free.

BagBoyz® the luggage Storage and transfer experts, first off will collect your bags, then store them securely and finally drop them back to you, when and where you need them.

We are fully insured and are becoming the necessity to making the most out of your day when traveling. Particularly the first and last day.

Steam or Fried, Dimmies are easier to eat Hands Free

BagBoyz® Luggage Storage Melbourne

Where can I store my luggage in Melbourne?

Luggage storage with us is anywhere & at any time, because we come to you.

Searching for Luggage Storage in Melbourne is no more. We offer a fully insured luggage storage service that comes to you, stores your bags for as little or as long as you need and then returns them back to you, wherever you are and whenever you need.

A more practical solution to storage lockers at Southern Cross Station or some random location that will mind your bag, where you are dictated to by the hours they are open. Best of all, you don’t need to drag your bags to that location or return back there before you head to your next destination.

Luggage Storage in Melbourne with BagBoyz®

The easiest, safest and most convenient luggage storage in Melbourne, that is never full, never breaks down as is always open. We operate in the CBD and Melbourne suburbs, Melbourne Airport, Avalon Airport, Geelong, Phillip Island & Mornington Peninsula. Check out our reviews, we are 5 star.

Where can I store my bags in Melbourne?

Our locations are infinite, because we come to you and then drop your luggage off back to you, whenever you need.

Ideal for Airport to city before check in, or city to Airport after check -out. Do more with your day and know you can catch the a taxi, ride share from whenever you are, without the need to go back and retrieve your bags beforehand.

We could provide a list of locations, but there is no need. We go everywhere.

Opening hours?

All of our locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on public holidays. The only luggage storage that can state that are the Southern Cross Station Luggage Lockers – but you can not book them, they are not insured and can often be broken.

Melbourne's best Baggage Storage

Our service is simple

  • You don’t need to search for a location, because we come to you
  • You don’t need to check the open times, because we are open 24 hours a day
  • There is no need to return to that location to collect your bags, because we transfer your luggage back to you, wherever you are.
  • We are fully insured and not some token amount. Our policy is up to $250,000

What to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria is known as the Sporting Capital of the World.

An Olympic city that also hosts a Tennis Grand Slam – The Australian Open, Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park, Moto Gp at Phillip Island, ICC World Cup Finals and is home to the best sport in the world AFL.

If sport is not your fancy, then why not take advantage of an array fo quality restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world to suit all budgets.

Venture to a roof top bar for a novel cocktail or craft beer.

Stroll the laneways and discover the boutique shops or the evolving Street Art.

Explore the numerous galleries in the city or suburbs, jump on a tram through the inner suburbs or just find your special place and sit back and have a coffee.

There are festivals galore including the International Comedy Festival and the Whitenight Festival, but to get the latest on what to do check out What’s On or Visit Victoria

Melbourne Weather

Melbourne’s weather likes to keep you on your toes. Famous for four seasons in one day, it can get extremely hot and turn quite quickly. Although you can feel the cold, it doesn’t snow , but that variance in temperature can make it difficult to climatise. Our advice – take a jacket.

For the current weather and forecast check out the BOM

How to get around Melbourne?

Melbourne is quite flat, so it is pretty easy to walk or ride a bike; however if that is not your thing and you are more suited to Public Transport, then the inner suburbs are well serviced. 

Home to world’s largest tram network, you can see many of the inner suburbs by jumping on a tram. You can venture around the city on a historical Tourist Tram – Route 35. It travels clock wise and anti clockwise around the CBD and into Docklands.

If you want to go further and maybe get there a little quicker, there are trains to all points of the compass (unless you want to go to Doncaster) or you can catch a bus.

For maps and timetables check out the PTV website and if you want to use the network, outside the free tram zone, make sure you get your hands on a Myki.

Whatever you plan to do, just make sure you do it Hands Free.

So if you are waiting for your accomodation after an early flight, or you are at the ned of your trip, have checkout of the hotel and are waiting for the departure flight, you can do a lot more, when BagBoyz® look after your bags.



Tell us how many bags you have, at what time you need your luggage picked up and where from (this can be anywhere in Melbourne), then tell us where you need it dropped off to and at what time


Now that you are hands free, get out and make the most of the day. Best of all, when you are ready to head to your next destination, you don't need to return back to where you stored your bags.

Store Luggage - Eat Dim Sims

Luggage Storage for dim sim eating