What is the cheapest way to Melbourne Airport?

The cheapest way to get to Melbourne Airport, apart from walking, is using public transport and your Myki.

It’s not the quickest or the most direct, but you do get to see a little more of Melbourne.

Ideally you are hands free, so if you feel the need to venture off to grab something to eat; do some shopping; or take a selfie , you will have the freedom to do so.

So with your Myki in hand ($4.40 full fare Zone 1+2), catch the Cragieburn Train to Broadmeadows (Broady to the locals), head out of the station towards Railway Crescent and hop on the 901 bus. The bus ride is around 20 minutes in non peak times.

Simply do the reverse to get from the Airport to the City.

Public Transport and a short cab ride

You can mix your journey with public transport and a short cab ride. It will be cheaper than catching a cab from the City, but can defeat the purpose.

Either go cheap or go for the quickest.

You can catch a cab from Broadmeadows Train Station to the Airport. Check the cab or Uber apps for a price estimation, or you can catch a cab from the end of the 59 Airport West Tram.

If you do catch the tram, you can do a little shopping at Airport West Shopping Centre or get off along the way and grab a bite to eat along Keilor Road, Niddrie.

If you are coming or going to Bendigo, you can catch a bus from Sunbury Train Station.

Whatever your fancy, make sure you do it hands free. You’ll enjoy yourself more and add to your adventure.